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2013-2020 Suzuki 650 Burgman AN650 Custom Driver Back Rest BRACKET

2013-2020 Suzuki 650 Burgman AN650 Custom Driver Back Rest BRACKET
MSRP: CAD$ 99.99
Our price: CAD$ 79.99 (USD$ 54.39)

2013-2020 Suzuki Burgman 650 Custom Made Back Rest Pad - MOUNTING BRACKET


Re-experience the joy of long distance riding with our custom made Suzuki Burgman 650 back rest MOUNTING BRACKET. It is custom manufactured to each individual’s riding position.

This is NOT a medical device it will NOT eliminate your back pain (if you have any), but it will provide support for your lower back while riding/sitting on the scooter.


Lightweight, replaces the original steel bracket.

Easy to install, NO additional hardware required.

Modern looking, very stylish.

Each back rest mounting bracket individually (custom) made.

Same price for all sizes (heights).

Philips screw driver #2 and 10mm socket or wrench required for installation.

Our product is made of a high quality thermoplastic material. Does NOT rust, and there are no visually unpleasing weldings.

Before placing an order carefully READ the instructions how to determine the desired height of the backrest bracket. There will be NO refunds issued for improperly measured backrest heights.

Once your order has been placed , we’ll promptly manufacture and ship your custom made bracket within 48hrs of your order.

You will get a new mounting bracket, that you’ll use instead of the original steel, zinc-plated bracket. You’ll have to remount the existing “back rest pad” onto the new mounting bracket that will sit much higher to support your lower back.

If you do NOT have an existing “back rest pad” on your scooter do NOT order this product. You MUST have the original “back rest pad”  This pad will be used with our custom bracket to support your lower back!

In order to save paper thus our environment,  installation instruction will be sent via e-mail in PDF format. Let’s save the planet one step at a time.

How to measure optimal backrest height before placing an order

1) Open seat, locate the “backrest adjust” latch, pull it to the side and with your other hand pull out the backrest (pictures marked 1a and 1b )

2) Once you’ve got the factory backrest out ... (picture marked 2)

3) Sit on the bike and put backrest against your lower back to the most comfortable position for the best support of your lower back (picture marked 3)

4) Ask another person to hold a tape measure vertically against the top edge of the back rest and measure its height from the seat. In this case it is approximately 9 inches (pictures marked 4a and 4b)

5) When ordering your back rest bracket choose this measured number from the drop down selection menu !

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