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MC22 Sava Elegance 100/80-10

MC22 Sava Elegance 100/80-10
MSRP: CAD$ 59.70
Our price: CAD$ 40.00 (USD$ 27.20)
MC22 Sava Elegance 100/80-10
Tyres for sporting scooter types and demanding riders. Specific tread pattern, the most suitable sidewall cross-section construction and excellent rubber compound for top driving characteristics and good dry and wet performance.

DID 25H chain - Heavy
B13 Sava White Wall 3.50-8
DID 25H Master Link - Chain
CAD$ 24.00
CAD$ 65.00
CAD$ 3.60
Blata intake manifold
Dellorto 5mm Main Jet PHBG/SHA on sale
Blata Clutch shoe safety locks
CAD$ 54.99
CAD$ 1.19
CAD$ 0.60
Blata flat head insert - Race 40cc
Blata water pump seal
Racing - Back Protector 6 links
CAD$ 23.94
CAD$ 5.99
CAD$ 23.99