Prices assume disassembled, clean standard parts in good condition. Used parts can be coated, but a cleaning or stripping charge may apply. Do not send assembled or dirty parts.

All prices in CANADIAN dollars - $CAN

Prices effective Apr. 01 2022

HPEC Order Sheet (pdf)

Pistons – Standard Size Non-Diesel Pistons

*CBC2 on Top and CermaLube or TLML on Skirt* $52.00 each
CBC2 on Top and TLMB on Skirt $58.00 each
Top Only with CBC2 $34.00 each
Top Only with CBX - turbo only $52.00 each
Skirt Only with CermaLube or TLML $28.00 each
*Recommended for most pistons.  
TLMB to Tighten Piston to Wall Clearances Up to .004″
Heavy Skirt Build up with TLMB $34.00 each
CBC2 on dome and Heavy TLMB $65.00 each

Only consider heavy TLMB to tighten excessive clearance. Exact sizes cannot be held. Customer must hand polish heavy TLMB to hold size and control thickness.

Diesel: See diesel section for diesel piston coating prices

Cylinder HeadsCBC2 Thermal Barrier Coating in Combustion Chambers and on Valve Faces

10 Cylinder (pair) $500.00 pair
8 Cylinder (pair) $380.00 pair
6 Cylinder (pair or inline) $320.00
4 Cylinder Inline $260.00 each
3 Cylinder Head $180.00 each
2 Cylinder Head $120.00 each
Single Cylinder (Liquid or Air Cooled) $56.00 each
Single Exhaust Ports (when coating chambers) $35.00 each
2 into 1 Exhaust Ports (when coating chambers) $42.00 each
Flow Coating for Intake Ports  
Single Intake Ports (when coating chambers) $28.00 each
2 into 1 Intake Ports (when coating chambers) $34.00 each

Valve and Valve Train Components

Face and Radius Side (CBC2) $16.00 each
Face Only (CBC2) $12.00 each
Radius Side Only (CBC2) $12.00 each
Stem (DFL-1 Low Friction) $10.00 each
Valve Springs (Set of 16 DFL-1 Low Friction). $150.00 set
Pair of Valve Springs DFL-1 Low Friction $10.00 each
Solid Cam Follower DFL-1 Low Friction $150.00 set

Engine Bottom End Components

Bearings TLML or CermaLube Single, Rod, Main or Cam $12.00 each
Crank Shaft Oil Shedding $250.00 each
Connecting Rods Oil Shedding. $40.00 each
Oil Pump Low Friction $50.00 starting from

Intake Manifolds

Bottom CBC2 Ceramic $250 approx.
Top CBC2 Ceramic $250 approx.
Top and Bottom CBC2 Ceramic $150 – $280
Top TLTD Heat Radiating Coating $85 – $155
Inside Runners Flow Coating $180
Inside Runners CBC2 Ceramic $180

Brake Components 

Calipers CBC2 inside, TLTD Outside $150.00 each
*CBC2 cannot be applied to Powder Coated Parts  
Pads CBC2 Ceramic on Pad Back $12.00 each
Extra Pistons CBC2 Ceramic $18.00 each

Miscellaneous Parts for Special Power Coatings

Rotary Rotor faces for CBC2 Ceramic $130.00 each
Rotary Rotor Gears, TLML Low Friction $65.00 each
Transmission Gears TLML Low Friction $5 – 20 each
Transmission Shafts TLML Low Friction $8 – 25 each
Ring and Pinion set TLML Low Friction $70.00 set
Intercoolers TLTD Heat Radiating $200 est.
Water and Oil Coolers TLTD Heat Radiating - Based on Processing Time  

Diesel Engine Components

Bearings TLML or Cermalube up to 3 inch in diameter $15 pair
Bearings TLML or Cermalube over 3 inch in diameter $18 pair
6 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold $350 approx.
Combustion Chambers CBC2 6 Cyl. $500 approx.

Truck Pistons 4.0 inches and over, Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Mack and others

CBC2 on Dome and TLML on Skirt $80.00 each
CBX on Dome and TLML on Skirt $90.00 each
CBX on Dome and TLMB on Skirt $100.00 each
2 Part Piston CBC2 and TLML $90.00 each
CBC2 Only (2 or 1 Piece Pistons) $62.00 each
CBX Coat Only (2 or 1 Piece Pistons) $73.00 each
Skirt Only TLML (2 or 1 Piece Piston) $36.00 each
Skirt Only TLMB (2 or 1 Piece Piston) $45.00 each

Light Truck / Automotive Diesel Pistons

CBC2 on Dome and TLML on Skirt $56.00 each
CBX Coat on Dome and TLMB on Skirt $63.00 each
CBC2 Dome Only $35.00 each
CBX Coat Dome Only $40.00 each
TLML Skirt Only $35.00 each
TLMB Skirt Only $40.00 each

Glossary of Power Coatings

CBC2 - A ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating for engine parts. Applied about .002" thick.

CBX - This Ceramic Thermal Barrier designed specifically for pistons in extreme environments such as nitrous, turbo, and superchargers. About .003" thick.

TLMB - Extremely durable lubricating coating for piston skirts, gears and other parts. About .0008" thick when applied to piston skirts. Can be used to tighten clearance by adding up to .004" on some piston skirts.

DFL-1 – Lubricating coating for low rpm motors such as diesel piston skirts. About .0008" thick when applied to skirts.

TLML – High load, thin, low friction coating.

TLTD - Heat radiating coating to dissipate heat (Thermal Dispersant)

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